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What’s Really in Mind of a Destination Deciding Millennial

Millennials have lived through a recession, a war, and a mobile revolution. All of these events have shaped our opinions and behaviors in every aspect of our lives, especially how we consume information when considering travel. We watched our parents, grandparents, mentors, and virtually every adult in our immediate vicinity panic when the recession hit. […]

3 Ways Mobile Technology is Changing Mealtime Decisions

There’s no doubt that technological innovations are developing at lightning speed. New apps and digital platforms are created daily—and they have the power to scale from a few hundred users to several hundred thousand users in what seems like overnight. For QSR brands, staying ahead of this generative curve can be overwhelming, especially when we […]

The Gambling Debate Between Fantasy Sports & Casinos Heats Up!

Recently I was reading an article in The Washington Post and learned that it wasn’t all that long ago that the game of pinball was outlawed around the United States.  Pinball was going to ruin the youth of America and seduce them into a lifetime of gambling. Pinball was declared a game of chance, rather […]

Everything You Should Know About the SXSW 16′ Snapchat Takeover

March 16th wrapped up another successful year for South by Southwest Interactive.  The 10-day interactive media, film, and musical festival gave marketers a huge opportunity to showcase their products and deliver a strong presence on social media.  The constant social media updates through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat let people experience the event far from Austin. […]
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