Everything You Should Know About the SXSW 16′ Snapchat Takeover

March 16th wrapped up another successful year for South by Southwest Interactive.  The 10-day interactive media, film, and musical festival gave marketers a huge opportunity to showcase their products and deliver a strong presence on social media.  The constant social media updates through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat let people experience the event far from Austin.

The social brand used most over the ten day event was Snapchat. The rise and importance of Snapchat didn’t go unnoticed.  According to AdWeek, “It was a topic of conversation on nearly every marketing panel and was constantly used by attendees to document their SXSW experience.” Snapchat has moved from an app feared by parents as a sexting tool to become the new marketing darling.

Snapchat’s geofilters have been the driving force behind the shift. Spotify and Samsung both utilized sponsored Geofilters for people in the Austin area during the event. Gatorade and Vevo bought on-demand Geofilters that were exclusively available for those within the company’s event area.  Senior director consumer engagement for Gatorade Kenny Mitcheel said “For an environment like SXSW, leveraging the filter’s geotargeting capability allowed consumers who went through our experience to enhance their social sharing with a filter connected to what they were experiencing in real time, and we believe it may have applications across things like sports camps and with our retail partners.”

Snapchat is a perfect example of how quickly the social landscape can change; how perception of outsiders isn’t always the reality of the users or brand.

Sometimes the question of What’s Next and What’s New is more a question of What’s the Best Way to Utilize What is Already There.

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