February 2011

safeway street teams named top 10 promotion

First we cleaned communities across the country, and now we’re cleaning up national recognition for it. Supermarket News just named our Safeway “Bright Green Clean Team” one of the Top 10 store-brand promotions for 2010. Our street teamers traveled from coast to coast, promoting Safeway’s Bright Green eco-friendly household cleaning products, giving out samples, and […]

steak ad campaign takes beefy national award

Yee-haw! Our “Freedom by the Plateful” campaign for Ponderosa and Bonanza Steakhouses was just awarded top honors for a Chain Restaurant at the National Cattle Industry Convention. The TV, radio, print, web and in-store effort earned high praise from the beef industry, and sold a heck of a lotta steaks!

chu times 2

Here’s our favorite Director of Photography Ted Chu on our latest shoot. Beside him is the audio guy we hired, Ty Chu. Are they related? They say no. You be the judge.