July 2012

city of brotherly love loves our wendy’s work.

Our newest account is one of America’s greatest brands, in one of America’s greatest cities. We’re proud to say the Philadelphia Wendy’s co-op recently awarded us its business. Congratulations to our Wendy’s team on another great win, and thanks to our new “phriends” in Philly.

stanley steemer to the rescue.

Last week one of our hot water tanks burst open and the carpets outside our film studio needed some attention – and fast. Fortunately, we knew just what to do: Call 1-800-STEEMER. Thanks to the crew from Stanley Steemer for taking care of our emergency.

cool tunes

How cool is this? Our new ads for the Columbus Zoo on Pandora Internet Radio let listeners hear the music they love, while seeing the animals they love. You can choose polar bears, manatees, even the newest Zoo residents at Stingray Bay!