September 2013

u-s-a!  u-s-a!

Talk about a crazy comeback!  We’ve been following the America’s Cup races in San Francisco Bay all summer, since it’s a big part of our “Built for Speed” campaign for the California Academy of Sciences. But when the Oracle Team USA 72-ft catamaran went down 8-1 in the best of 17 series, New Zealand looked […]

the christie strickland town hall meeting

Team Foth gathered for our second creative/agency review.  A meeting inspired and basically dictated by our own Christie Strickland! Sharing info, experiences and presenting across all departments. Great idea Christie!

the khaki continues

In celebration of Jungle Jack’s 35th anniversary, we photographed the entire Zoo staff today.  Hundreds and hundreds of khaki-clad team members.  We Fothies also snuck in our own shot.

happy 35th hanna-versary jungle jack

We’re just wild about Jack Hanna, and happy to “khaki-up” to help celebrate his 35 amazing years at the Columbus Zoo. You’re the best, Jungle Jack!  #hannaversary #caughtinkhaki

lake erie or bust

The beach. The sun. The water. It could only be our new Lake Erie Shores and Islands campaign.  Here’s our team and the talent taking a quick break in-between shots.  (Believe it or not it was harder work than it looks!)  Thanks to all our friends at the beautiful Sawmill Creek Resort and Put-in-Bay for […]

russian for ice cream.

To celebrate Todd’s birthday, Nikki made a special batch of White Russian ice cream. Which also happens to be his favorite drink. It was so delicious, Putin couldn’t have made it better himself.

still ernie after all these years

Some childhood traditions never grow old…even if the children do. For Ron Jr.‘s birthday today we surprised him with an Ernie theme. Growing up he was always Ernie and Mike was Bert, and if you know them you know how fitting that is. Best part: when ordering the cake they asked if the young lad […]

leaning tower of soda

Is it the unique gravitational forces at work in our kitchen? Is it the pull of the moon in its current phase? Or is our agency built on an ancient burial ground? Whatever caused it, this unplanned, perfectly balanced pop can has us all scratching our heads. Maybe our friends at the California Academy of […]