Elinor Floyd

Let’s Talk “Men-yoos”

Menu [men-yoo]: (noun) a list of dishes available at a restaurant, according to the dictionary.  From the placemats you colored on as a kid to the goodies you peruse on GrubHub, you’ve been looking at menus for a long time. But have you ever thought about the psychology behind them? Menus come in all shapes […]

Under the Influence: How Social Media Shapes our World

Let’s talk about influencers. Is it just me or do you find yourself in a constant scroll through life? You may think “that’s awkward she wrote scroll instead of ‘stroll,’” but I did, in fact, intentionally type “scroll.” I am endlessly scrolling through life these days. Whether that be on a casual journey through Instagram […]

More on the Google vs. Amazon Battlefront: Amazon Acquires Sizmek

News has recently broken that Amazon has officially acquired Sizmek Ad Server and Sizmek Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), which leaves one begging the question: What does this news mean for advertisers? For current agencies using Sizmek, things won’t be changing much. For the time being, Sizmek will continue operating separately from Amazon Advertising. These companies […]