Kim Moore

What’s the Story with Social Media Today?

Does it seem like you’re getting served an article every day about what’s new in social media? That’s because it’s always changing. Social platforms are certainly the most fickle of all media sources. Spearheaded by Facebook, and the onslaught of scrutiny they have been under, social platforms need to continually adapt, evolve and respond to […]

Social Media News – October Edition

Social Media trends change weekly – we get the craziness of trying to stay up on what’s happening. In our first monthly report, we try and highlight the biggest shifts and compile them, (sometimes directly from the respective source) for our clients and site visitors. Please enjoy October’s reporting. Snapchat Brings Bitmojis to Life with […]

Gen Z Must-Haves for Marketers

I’m not sure a generation exists outside of the Millennials who have been researched more… but Gen Z is becoming a powerful force in the US population and are the new youth of America. Who are the Gen Z’s? They are Americans born after the Millennials from 1995 to present. Gen Z, with more than […]

Gotta Catch ‘Em All – The Pokémon Go Frenzy is Underway

Notice any abnormal activity from your kids this past weekend?  As my son and I were driving down 71-S towards Cincinnati to visit some college campuses I noticed him playing a game on his phone that had him totally immersed and pre-occupied – more so than normal. Friday night, his best friend and his brothers (mind you […]

Travelers Are On the Road Again

Family road trips are memories never to be forgotten. Raised in a large Catholic family, one of seven kids – there are so many stories, fights, endless teasing and many rounds of car bingo that are forever etched into our souls. I remember the entire family filling into our station wagon like sardines and away […]

What’s Really in Mind of a Destination Deciding Millennial

Millennials have lived through a recession, a war, and a mobile revolution. All of these events have shaped our opinions and behaviors in every aspect of our lives, especially how we consume information when considering travel. We watched our parents, grandparents, mentors, and virtually every adult in our immediate vicinity panic when the recession hit. […]

3 Ways Mobile Technology is Changing Mealtime Decisions

There’s no doubt that technological innovations are developing at lightning speed. New apps and digital platforms are created daily—and they have the power to scale from a few hundred users to several hundred thousand users in what seems like overnight. For QSR brands, staying ahead of this generative curve can be overwhelming, especially when we […]

The Gambling Debate Between Fantasy Sports & Casinos Heats Up!

Recently I was reading an article in The Washington Post and learned that it wasn’t all that long ago that the game of pinball was outlawed around the United States.  Pinball was going to ruin the youth of America and seduce them into a lifetime of gambling. Pinball was declared a game of chance, rather […]